5 Steps to Write a Quality Blog Post Incredibly Fast

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There are many writers out there, who take much longer than usual to write a good article. Reason could be like lack of preparation or lot more thinking about the topic or anything else, but what’s important is that they kill their time. If you are one of them, the good news for you is that there is an easier way of writing a quality article incredibly faster.

Just follow these 5 steps each time you are up and ready for an article, and nine out of ten times you will successfully end up with a quality article incredibly fast.

  1. Decide the Topic Beforehand

No matter how much experience you have under your belt, you must have the topic on your mind much before starting to write the article. This helps make the process faster and you would be able to deliver a good article really quick. The body content always revolves around the topic and you need a lot of stuff to make the article interesting and insightful. So once the topic is ready you can immediately start gathering the necessary ideas, information, stats and facts about the topic. This helps save your time yet makes a quality blog post.

  1. Begin with a Compelling Introduction

Since you are ready with the topic, concept and a beautiful headline, next big thing is a good introduction. A good compelling introduction is what makes the way for a quality blog post article. It’s good to include three small paragraphs in the introduction because a short 3-paragraph introduction is simple yet detailed, and of course the process is fast.

  • In Paragraph-1, include the “What” part, i.e. what this article is all about.
  • In Paragraph-2 include the “Why” part, i.e. why the reader should read this and what the benefit of reading this article is.
  • In Paragraph-3, use words to enhance the level of interest of your reader, so s/he cannot wait to jump straight into the body content.
  1. Make a Simple and Clear Outline

What does an outline mean and why is it important? Well, basically, an outline is the framework or structure that helps organize your ideas and thoughts, so you can write better and faster. An outline makes it easier for your readers to read through the article and get the gist of it so quickly. So, with a great and well-organized outline, the article writes itself in absolutely no time.

  1. Include Your Research Materials

Now that you have the important points and sub-points on the outline, include a couple of sentences in each point explaining its meaning. Keep your research on for each of the points and make the article completely exhaustive. Do some Google searches for some relevant pictures, case studies, examples etc. that would make your article further interesting and valuable. Make your readers have a feel that you are true to the best of your ability.

  1. Conclude with a Question or Further References

Your conclusion is one more important thing. Don’t lose your focus even when concluding your article. Leave a question for your readers to be answered, or request for their opinion and ideas to help your post stay alive for a longer period. As you know, there is so much of information available on the web that you cannot just bring all that in a single write-up, so the written content is virtually endless. Make your conclusion give rise to new ideas and thoughts. This makes sense when you want your write-up to go viral.

This is just a short, simple, 5-step formula for writing a quick and quality blog post that works especially for most of the newbies in the writing field. Experts have their own words. Anything that adds value to this post is requested and appreciated. You can write your thoughts in the comments below.


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