7 Useful Tips to Blogging Efficiently while Traveling

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Are you a professional blogger? If yes, then researching and writing must be in your daily routine. If blogging is your permanent full-time job, you certainly have to do it 24/7/365 with great consistent passion all the time. They say, “You blog when you eat, you blog when you sleep, you blog when you travel,…….., and you blog even when you think it’s not the time to blog – then you become a successful blogger”.

So, the point is you would have to blog regularly daily, and there’s no free time. Although every professional blogger understands this, many of us find regular blogging a tough challenge especially when they travel. In this post, we are going to discuss how you can manage to blog safely and efficiently even on the go.

Here’s a list of 7 useful tips.

  1. Plan and Prepare as Much Topics as You Can

Planning and Preparation is the key. You should try to know about the place you would be staying during the travel days, the Wi-Fi access, the amount of time to be spent in vehicles and so on. This helps make a feasible plan.

Next, prepare as much topics as possible before you leave so that you don’t run out of ideas or topics when you’re away. You cannot be sure that all of the topics you’ve chosen will be written and published during your travel days. Remember those will work just as idea-generators, so having a ton of those will help find resources even if you’re offline.

  1. Write Posts in Advance and Schedule

Try to write as many blog posts as you can in advance and get them perfectly scheduled ahead of your trip. Save them in drafts, and make sure each one of those is almost ready to be published anytime.

This way you can ensure that there’s no break in the regular posting fashion, and you can both enjoy your trip and possibly, gather up new ideas and information for a few good posts after you’re back.

  1. Work Within Your Strength-limit

While traveling, try to know your strengths and weaknesses, and work accordingly. If you can have some late-night hours or early-morning hours to spend on your blog, spend those hours meaningfully. If you’re finding as much time as you need to create 1 blog post quite comfortably, never think about a second one; that would put unnecessary stress and degrade the quality of the post.

  1. Keep Your Head on Straight

Staying mentally strong is a vitally important aspect when it comes to writing. If your mind does not stay fit, you cannot think clearly and insight fully, you don’t get ideas, and this affects your writing ability in turn. Talking about your purpose of the vacation, you would certainly have a bad one if you’re not mentally happy. Therefore, practice things like meditation to boost your calmness, stability and work productivity.

Different people have different tastes, so you need to find out the way that works for you. Deal with your mental stress and come up with a clear and concise thought process, which would help boost your blogging when you’re away from your regular workplace.

  1. Be Online When Publishing Your Content

Blogging is not only publishing useful content on a regular basis, but staying connected with your visitors and customers too. It’s extremely important to reply as many comments as you can after you publish a content piece. This way you can enhance your credibility and organic relation with your audiences.

Therefore, you need to be online for a while after you’ve published your content. Spend some time communicating with your readers, and let them feel you’re really giving them so much value. If the Wi-Fi connectivity in your hotel room is crap, go to a nearby coffee shop and spend some 30 minutes replying comments on your posts. Take a back-up plan into consideration right from the beginning till the end of your journey.

  1. Use Tools to Enhance Efficiency and Security

Despite you’re leading an offline life; you can still maximize your work efficiency on the go. Different tools like Scrivener, Evernote, Windows Live Writer would help increase your work productivity. Be aware of the fact that your laptop may shut down anytime on the go, so make sure all that you write gets auto-saved on the computer. This is why using MS Word has an edge over using WordPress Dashboard to write a document.

Similarly, take enough measure to ensure your blog is utmost safe from all thefts and intrusions. Secure all your accounts that you would be using on your phone. Also, make sure your computer is completely safe with the up-to-date versions of software and browsers.

  1. Have Trusted Contacts

While traveling places, have someone who can manage all your accounts (bank, social media, websites, emails etc) effectively. S/he may be a family member or a local staff member, but make sure that person is completely trustworthy.

These are a few useful tips for people (especially bloggers) who have to travel and work at the same time. If you’ve a few more, please feel free to share those in the comments. Hope this post helps. Happy Blogging!


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