5 Tips to Help Leverage Your Start-up Agency

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If you have got a start-up agency that you seriously want to grow, Congratulations first off! Congrats for being on a GREAT path! Congrats for having a GREAT life!, and Congrats for making yourself ready to gift several others a GREAT life too!

However, there are a few (or, a lot of) agencies out there that fail because of a few mistakes they commit. Here in this post we have 5 expert tips to help remove those mistakes and turn your start-up into a GREAT company you’ve always dreamt about.

Tip-1: Learn to Beat the Competition

‘Be different, Be unique and Be special’ – this is what every other agency within your niche is taught as you’re. But who obeys? Those, who obey this as the master rule, will turn out to be winners. And you need to both obey and culture this to be the real stand-out agency in your niche.

While you’re working hard to make your clients happy, spend a good amount of time learning and understanding your competition. Know how some of the bigger and older agencies in the same market price their products/services and deliverables compared to yours. Find out the way to be the better choice than your competitors for all potential clients and customers.

Tip-2: Hire People that Make You, NOT Break You

There are two kinds of employees – Productive, and Non-productive, i.e. some who take part in the growth of the business, and some who kill time and money of the employer. When it comes to hiring people, ‘talent & skills’ matter for most agencies, while some others take ‘experience’ into account when keeping employees. What’s your point of view?

No matter which category an employee falls into, s/he must add value to the company and contribute to the business profits. Amazing employees will drive success very fast, but they will take huge dollars. For start-ups it’s usually not recommended to spend huge dollars on hiring amazing brains in the early days unless they’ve no options left but hire them. Think, if you’ve just hired a group of high-quality people and suddenly lost a big client or two within weeks. Therefore try to learn as many things as you can implement yourself before starting your agency.

Tip-3: Find New Ideas and Learn When & How to Execute Those

Staying updated is the key to driving more clients. Today, time is changing ridiculously quickly, and you must not get left behind. Promoting your agency both online and offline has become quite essential. Research on a constant basis to find new ideas and trendiest stuff that can help leverage your business faster. The internet is now a great resource to educate people for free. You too should use the internet to find new ideas, learn new things and execute all that matters for your business.

Tip-4: Implement “Thought Leadership & Marketing” to the Most

To become popular and gain new business you need to market your agency. Find new marketing ways that can prove to be highly effective for your start-up. Online marketing is one of the most sought after brand promoting strategies today. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Remarketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Display Ads are all part of highly efficient ‘Online Marketing’.

You also need to act as a thought leader educating your clients and customers through several meetings, web articles, press releases and so on. Participate in various meet-ups, trade shows and conferences to gain exposure.

Tip-5: Don’t Say ‘We Do It All’

Your Clients are Gold; you need to make them happy always. But never say ‘we do it all’ to your clients only to make them happy. This is what most start-ups try to do in order to convert a potential client, a referral or make a current client not go anywhere else, but this is just WRONG especially when the wired world has now become incredibly intelligent.

Big agencies, understandably, can do this since they’ve got money and capability to run multiple teams of highly intelligent people, have tools, processes and proven results, but you being just a start-up? Just doesn’t make sense. By the way, you should not invest in all that in the initial days of your journey even if you can afford because a majority of potential clients would love to deal with focused and specific start-up agencies where they can get real value for every cent they spend.

Have faith and confidence in yourself, and that has to be consistent even if you lose some clients or there’s not enough increase in the revenue. Keep working hard and keep your existing clients happy. Be a good manager to manage the highs and lows in your business because that’s the way to progress.


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