5 Tips to Keeping Clients Long-term

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Regardless of the standard of the customer service keeping a client for long has always been quite challenging for any agency especially when there is a lot of competition in the same niche.

If you’re one of those agencies who wants to overcome the difficulties and keep your clients for long, here are 5 Expert tips for you.

1. Understand Your Client’s Business Thoroughly

There are still a lot of agencies out there who fail to retain certain clients since they fail to reach their business goals. Unless you understand your client’s business and target market well, how would you start working for it?

Oftentimes, the first impression a potential client has with you decides how long it’s going to be with you for. Therefore, the first time you’re speaking with any potential client try to make them believe that you’ve understood their business quite well and you would help achieve great success for them.

Research their industry, target market (purchasers), goals and metrics, USP (Unique Selling Proposition), their competitors and the different marketing channels so that you can suggest them appropriate campaigns to start with.

2. Keep Your Commitments

You cannot expect your clients to stay even for a month if you fail to keep your words and drive the initial results. Whether it’s a potential or running client, your client would rate you based on your ability and nature to follow through on your promises and commitments. Trustworthiness, Capability and Credibility are all centered to it.

Sometimes, your professional relation with certain clients is guided by the emotional attachment, so a client of that kind would more likely retain if you keep all your commitments (no matter if the results are fully achieved or partly) than leave away.

3. Perform Regular Competitive Analysis

An exhaustive Competitive Analysis is vitally important. If nothing else about their important strategies and decisions, you at least get an idea about their behavior and your client’s approach (if any) towards the competitors. This often helps reach the required result relatively easily.

Performing a Competitive Analysis study on a regular basis would help know if there are some new entrants to your niche market. You can come up with ideas to prevent others from eroding your position and growth.

4. Use Original Templates for All Presentations

Whenever you are showing something to your clients, never use copied template formats. Create your own original piece of presentation template and use it. Most agencies fail to impress their potential clients only because they use a generic proposal template. Distant clients have the least possible chance to see your company, your workforce and the principles you’re physically guided by, so try generating presentation sheets and materials that would stand out and win clients.

 5. Communicate and Report

How important is regular communication and reporting? It surely has a lot to do with your business. Unless a client is very very close to you, never request even for an hour extra for generating the report-sheet. Do it in time. Regular communication with your clients helps them know about your strategies and implementations, keeps them happy, and is a key element in sustaining the relationship. This is part of your marketing goals and business success.

Client retention is challenging, so learn to know about your clients’ and their competitors’ behaviors. Make them happy with quick delivery and accurate results.


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