Preparation of Natural Hair Oil for Healthy Hair Growth

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If you want a faster and healthier hair growth without using the expensive and harmful chemical-mixed cosmetic products, go natural. Use natural hair oil that will nourish your scalp, moisturize your hair, reduce dandruff and provide you with a smooth, silky and healthy bunch of hair.

How do you prepare your own natural hair oil at home? There actually are a number of ways to do this. But it all depends on if the availability and affordability of the ingredients. This post shows you a simple yet very effective hair oil recipe using commonly available ingredients.


  1. Aloe Vera (Take one standard fresh leaf of Aloe Vera)
  2. Curry leaves (15 to 20 leaves)
  3. Fresh Onion (1 or 2 finely cut small onions measuring 50-70 grams)
  4. Peppercorns (10 to 15 grams)
  5. Coconut oil (4-5 teaspoons)

Note: The above measurements would produce nearly 5-7 teaspoons of oil. You can take the quantity of the ingredients as per your requirement.


  1. Take a full-size fresh Aloe Vera leaf if available in your garden, or from the market. Cut its edges with a knife, but don’t peel off the skin since the skin has anti-bacterial property, which is helpful in the treatment of scalp and dandruff. Then cut the leaf into small pieces. Take the cut pieces in a small bowl.
  1. Then add the curry leaves to the Aloe Vera cut pieces. Blend it properly using your grinder. Take the thick juice in the bowl. Strain it in a strainer to hold back the solid particles if any. Now you have the pure watery juice ready for the preparation of oil.
  1. Heat a pan in high flame and pour the Aloe Vera juice in it. Keep stirring to allow the juice to reduce to nearly half of its quantity.
  1. Add the coconut oil to it. The quantity of coconut oil should equal to that of the reduced Aloe Vera juice. That’s the standard measurement. Keep stirring to have a clean and thorough mixture.
  1. Add the finely cut onions and the peppercorns now. Keep stirring it for 1-2 minutes until the onions turn brown. That tells the oil is almost ready now.
  1. Now put out the flame, and take the oil in a small bowl. Leave it for 5 minutes so it cools down. Then you can strain the oil once again to collect the pure oil that has no solid constituents. Now you have your own natural hair oil that has a natural smell and olive green color. Store it in a jar, so you can use it twice or thrice a week for about a month.

This is very effective natural hair oil produced from very commonly available ingredients. In those parts of the world, where the curry leaves is not easily available, the oil can be prepared without it. It would not make much difference to the effectiveness of the oil since Aloe Vera is added as the major constituent. Using it 2 to 3 times a week would nourish your scalp, reduce dandruff and help promote your hair growth steadily.


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