Avoid these 6 Mistakes if You are Doing PPC

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If you want immediate rankings on search pages, go for PPC. However, PPC has always got certain issues like it can be way too much expensive particularly for small businesses and startups. Even for medium and large businesses PPC might go ineffective if their PPC managers don’t follow a proper plan and working strategy, and commit certain mistakes that many other PPC marketers in the industry succumb to.

Here are 6 of those big mistakes that may look small, but hurt your PPC marketing strategy quite badly.

  1. Not Having a Plan

Before setting up your Adwords account and putting money in it for somebody else, make sure you have a valid reason for all this. Make a plan for your investment such as which search terms you will target, how much you will spend and what you will get back and so on. Unless you have a genuine reason and a perfect plan, you will get your money thrown into water.

  1. Not Including the most Compelling Texts

You may have achieved the best rankings, but what if you don’t get liked and clicked by your target users? The texts you’ve written for your PPC descriptions would determine if you are going to be liked by your users, so those texts have to be the most compelling. Not just that, but your landing page texts also have to be attractive. Review your texts on a regular basis and have the best texts to represent your brand.

  1. Not Checking the Budgets

Budget is the key player in PPC campaigns. Have a fixed budget in mind and go check the accounts on a constant basis, maybe daily. Keep another record other than your PPC dashboard where you would be including all your activities such as your budget, your daily bid price, target search terms, target markets, how much gets spent every day etc. Doing this regularly will make you a PPC expert.

  1. Leaving Organic SEO Completely

The best optimization strategy for both quick ranking and better business is running both PPC and Organic SEO side by side. Although Organic SEO takes a bit longer to offer ranking, it aims at a holistic promotion of your business, which PPC never does. Therefore, you should not just focus on PPC and ignore Organic SEO completely.

  1. Not Checking Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are another key factor in your PPC campaign. By checking the negative keywords you can make sure that your PPC campaign is not going to take your money for irrelevant keywords or the keywords that you don’t need to get ranked for.

  1. Not having Multiple Strategies for Multiple Campaigns

In PPC you cannot have just one strategy to work for multiple campaigns. Study the analytics and history of your account(s) and build multiple strategies for multiple paid search campaigns.

Any other mistakes that you know PPC managers do? Please, include those in the comments below.


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