4 Tips can Prepare You in a Better Way for Future SEO and Search!

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Things use to change, but the basic remains the same! It’s the search industry where you can now find unprecedented flux. But when you dig deep into this business, you can find that there are still some elements which have remained the same as they were before.

Look at the history of search! It’s all about text and Google. However, there is surely a shift occurred with such relationship due to the voice-based-digital assistant such as Alexa from Amazon. Due to such additions, search result has started to become more varied.

Some changes have also occurred with our approach towards search. Now search has become more central for the marketing teams. Now it also encompasses a wide range of skill sets. Due to this reason, the role of data analysis experts and creative team has also become more important.

This has really pushed the modern marketers hard to think more and more about it. There are some big trends emerged during the year 2017 for this industry.

  • Hyperlocal targeting
  • Voice search
  • Visual search
  • Personalized content creation
  • Keywords-less search
  • Multimedia results
  • Mobile-first indexing
  • Personalized SERPs

When you look at these new trends, you may think that Search was not that much complicated in the past. These new additions might have made it bit critical. Right!

All these things can sometime make you confused. So, the question is that how we can stay right at the top despite so many changes?

If you really want to fall into the trap, then start reacting towards the new updates coming every now and then. This industry is changing rapidly. But our approach towards decision making process needs to remain slow. The choices you make now can decide how much successful you will be in the future. So, it’s always better to take time and understand these changes first before you follow or implement them. within such exciting flux, still you can find some interesting constants.

It’s the Search Act that has not changed much. All it needs a proper answer that can fulfill its function. These days, you can find that search engines have become even better. This has helped them to come up with the most suitable and relevant answer for every search. This industry has got a very bright future. And the way we have selected to dig deep into this industry is surely the most creative one.

Due to this reason, we need to keep an eye on today’s trend and the next eye of the upcoming trends. This might help us to find both short term and long term success with our search.

If you really want to handle future of the Search in a more constructive manner, then you should follow these 4 tips.

For shaping the strategy, you should use both technology and psychology:

Contrary to the technology, people never get change so quickly. Therefore, marketers should understand the psychology behind the actions of their audience.

When the search will grow in sophistication, such eternal marketing strategy will surely come to the limelight and can even show its importance. Customers need to have a complete interaction with the brands. This might help the whole ecosystem to thrive in a better way.

It’s the hardware required to find such detail may change and the search engine that uses to power the whole process. But the requirements and impulses of the user behind every query will remain the same.

There is always a form such queries take online. Such form will become more advance along with the technology. For example, you can find such thing with the longer queries that are made through voice search. And this will become more apparent when users will shift to tap the icons instead of typing the queries in the search box.

So, there is no need to follow the shadows while targeting particular search queries.

It’s always better to know which keywords can drive in more visitors for your website. This has always been given a great importance and it will remain there for a long time. But when you look from the strategic perspective, collecting more insights related to the actual motto behind such keyword can deliver more accurate and reliable outcome.

Both the qualitative and quantitative resources are needed to reach such level of comprehension into customers.

And this is the right time when you can make the most of the technology.

The CRM data of a company can be the goldmine. Even a minor survey can deliver great result.

As a marketer, you should first know what consumers are thinking. For this you may need to ask them directly. Combine such strategy with the CRO software you are using and the analytics. And this might help you to determine what your customers exactly need to stay engaged with the brand.

For just any successful search campaign, psychology can be the real foundation. On the other hand, technology helps us to form such a foundation that is even stronger, more result oriented and reliable.

Structuring the website around topics:

In order to get an overall view of what you customers are exactly looking for or what they want to receive, you should take this approach while researching. And this can come up as the most suitable resource when you wish to structure the website. This might help you a lot to build those topical hubs based on the semantically content.

Structuring a website has become a common debatable topic now. The logic behind structuring a website is simple. Fix different section for different services and products you want to sell and assign landing pages for every point on the basis of customer’s requirement. This also comes up with the URL structure which is perfect from both visitors and search engine’s perspective.

You can even extend this while assigning your profiles on the social media platforms as well as apps in order to make it more fitting for particular content.

What it delivers ultimately is the perfect platform that can be used to populate different types of content. There might be some highly informational pages that can take maximum advantage of video contents. On the other hand, transactional pages may need clear and structured answers to press the questions.

For example, you want to structure a website that is all about insurance. When you follow this type of approach, you can easily separate the sections for particular insurance.

For each section, the lead-product page can be considered as the main content. And further this needs to be supported with the help of supplementary content. This ultimately supports the main product page while adding further guidance and colors that might help the visitors to take informed decision.

Such supplementary pages can also be derived from the blog you have. You can always make little amendments with them. And the final product hub will be able to cover everything that can help a customer to take decision in an informed manner.

This makes you the prime authority of that useful resource. It also allows you for nesting all the required content within those sub folders right under the prime product page.

No matter where this industry will take us in the upcoming years, this approach to structure a website will always remain handy.

It’s time to think out of the box:

As far as the search is concerned, it often implies the need for the right answer. However, the transmission of such answers may differ on the basis of the channels, search engines and the media formats. Well, the search will always be treated as a vehicle for such information.

The fact is that search engines can only access the information we put in the search box. Search engines are not the makers of content. However, they can surely create a vital link between the supply and demand.

In this industry, Google has dominated most of the parts. The competition level is surely increasing and at the same time users’ behavior is also changing. And this is what also allowing people to seek for the new information.

When we are talking about this, how we can ignore the announcement of a vibrant e-commerce platform by Amazon and the visual search announced by Pinterest. So, it has become enough important for us to determine the code that can make the use of Amazon’s Echo look easier and more result oriented. We also need to know how the Similar Items like feature on Pinterest uses to function.

Well, this must not depend on the cost associated with creativity. Those days are gone, when we only used to assume that how Google use to assign rank on the basis of the quality of the content. And when we try to manipulate a wide range of media formats and search engines, we may lose the most important aspect. And most importantly, we will not have enough time to create what is valuable for us.

It’s the new era and it can reward us with genuine creativity as well as research for the Quick Win methods. From strategic perspective, it’s the future of SEO and Search needs to be more unified. All we need to have just one cohesive action and plan for all those touch points.

But when you deal with the acquisition stage, you can find that this is not the case always. This makes it really tough for you when you wish to shape those consideration phases and awareness.

All we need to upgrade those skills associated with content discoverability. All we need to keep things easier for the search engines and digital assistants so that they can find as well as serve the content in a hassle free manner.

Prepare a flexible and result oriented measurement strategy:

All these things mentioned above need to be measured in a much nuanced way. When you are doing this, you should keep a keen eye on the personalization like aspect that is still having an untapped chance.

In the recent years, several things have been done for personalization like aspect. However, the real personalization is still peeping at the horizon. It has not been assigned for the mainstream. And once this occurs, it can deliver great outcome for the marketers.

On the other hand, personalization is something that can come up new challenges as far as measurement is concerned.

As we know that search results are not considered as the static ones, how we can measure the ranking performance?

Well, we also need to determine how to calculate the success ratio of the content along the medial platforms as well as social networks.

All you need to evaluate and accept the importance of measurement strategy which is more flexible. When a video is embedded for an informational page it will surely come up with different result than the product announced through Amazon. A content page that uses to get links is always different from the one that uses to receive social shares. This type of content is also different in a great way than the content which is only there with a sole purpose of customer conversion.

Due to this reason, a proper communication should be there for the measurement strategy. This is highly important. All the parties out there need to pay attention towards the fragmented nature that search uses to bear while moving away from a direct response and pure channel. For both the search marketers and businesses, this may appear as the most suitable approach.

In order to achieve success in this business, we also need to pay a great attention towards clarity.

And this can help digital assistants to share the data easily. This may give us enough insight about the performance along the devices.

We also need to expect that Google will sometime split up the voice queries within its Search Console and AdWords. They have tried it before. Once this will be implemented in a full-fledged manner, it may make things more transparent with the voice search.

When unified reporting methods are used along with the tailored dashboards and for varied stakeholders, learning things will become easier for us. This might help us to figure out the success ratio that we can have further.

It’s the Search and SEO industry that is changing quite fast. Well, such changes are occurring to make this industry a better place. Only the savviest communicators and marketers will be able to reap maximum benefits.


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