5 Essential SEO Reports for You and Your Clients

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Whether you are into SEO or related to the industry in any way, you must be taking a number of things into consideration in order to get up-to-date. With Google making constant changes in its ranking algorithm, social search growing in popularity, and mobile users surpassing desktop users etc. things have become more complex than ever. In this time, how you would manage your SEO campaigns and how you would ensure your SEO’s going the right way just seems a tough ask. However, if you have a foolproof reporting framework, most of your headache before and during your SEO campaigns is over.

Here’s a standard, stable, foolproof and an entirely execution-ready SEO reporting framework including 5 extremely useful SEO reports both for you and your clients.

Reports in the Beginning

Website Audit Report

A Website Audit Report is something that you need to generate before starting the SEO campaigns for a potential client to help them see a number of issues associated with their on-page optimization. A well-prepared and thorough website audit report must include:

  • Page titles
  • META tags
  • HTML Validation errors
  • HTML formatting tags
  • Keyword Density
  • Broken links
  • Suggestions to improve the site’s performance

Keyword Analysis Report

A Keyword Analysis Report, also known as Keyword Research Report, contains a list of target keywords the site would be ranked for, the potential cost for ranking those keywords, the difficulty level in working on those keywords, and if there’s any cost-effective way to promote highly competitive keywords/phrases.

Competitors’ Analysis Report

This report is vital since you would need to include the detailed SEO strategy implemented by your top competitors and the keywords they are targeting in this. The analysis on your competitors should go an extra mile to find out the websites your competitors are getting links. It needs care, strong skills and high expertise to generate a good Competitors’ Analysis Report since a good competitors’ analysis report would directly drive your SEO campaigns.

Reports on Performance

The following two reports are important because they would help track your SEO performance and progress.

Keyword Ranking Report

The Keyword Ranking Report would help you know if your SEO team is working the right way. You should generate the keyword ranking report more frequently especially at the early stage of the project as it would help detect the problems and resolve them quite easily.

It is always the best practice to compare every keyword ranking report against the best results ever achieved during the project’s life.

Link Building Report

Keyword Ranking and Link Building are the two things that describe the purpose of all SEO campaigns. So, you must generate a report on how many links you’ve successfully built or earned to the site you’re working on. A good link-building report must contain:

  • Link Source URL
  • Link Destination URL
  • Anchor text
  • Number of back-links on the linking pages
  • Number of external links on the linking pages
  • The PageRank of the Linking pages

Along with these reports all modern SEO campaigns should also include constant monitoring of the traffic coming to the site from different sources. It all is a continuous process to implement legitimate stuff, generate valid reports on what you’ve done, and modify (if necessary) your work process to resolve the problems.


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