5 Misconceptions about Today’s SEO Link Building

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SEO is simple if you know how to do it. Once you are done with a good keyword research and have created decent content both for the site and for SEO, the next big thing is building LINKS. Since the inception of SEO, Link Building has been one of the most effective strategies for search engine rankings. However, the way link building is done today is way different from the way it was being done 10 years ago.

Those days it was possible for link builders to build links at will. Quantity was the parameter for ranking meaning the more links you built, the better ranks you gained. Today, however, Google has become much stricter with lots of updates frequently done to its ranking algorithm. Quality of links matters more than quantity of links now. 1 quality link from an authoritative source easily cancels out 50 low-quality links from the same ordinary source or two.

So, the point here is link building has not gone. It is still there, and it’s still actively effective for ranking. It’s only a few misconceptions about link building that understate its significance. Here are 5 of those.

  1. More Links, better

Today, Google doesn’t count how many links, but how many authoritative links you’ve generated to your site. So, the sources you would use for getting those links have to be highly authoritative and relevant. You could generate 100 different links from one single source or two, or five. But just one link from a genuine and high-quality source will easily compensate for those 100 when it comes to Google ranking. Therefore, the concept of “more links, better” is just a dead language now.

  1. Link Building will Get You Penalized

It’s true that Google penalizes spammy links that are created from pages, which are not found or totally obsolete. However, this spreads a false notion among link builders and even web masters that link building leads them to Google penalties. We all need to keep in mind that high-quality links have always got strong impact on our search engine ranking. Build links from authoritative sources, and you will never get penalized.

  1. Link Building is only about Building Links

Although the term link building means building links, but that’s not the only focus of the process. Today, link building is much more than just building links. A good link profile together with great compelling content, excellent customer services, valuable products and detailed information and tips for users will do the trick when it comes to building your overall brand reputation. Link building alone cannot do it. Those, who have been taught to focus on building links only or mostly, are going to hurt themselves soon.

  1. Build all Links Manually

Building all links manually is just an old-school SEO technique that is not going to benefit today. Article directory posting, Forum posting, posting links on comment section etc. just to build your links manually will merely have any effect. Rather, concentrate on natural links, i.e. let the links come to you naturally from your users or other sites. To achieve this, you should focus on creating great content that market themselves and make people link to you.

  1. Link Building Alone will Do it All

That’s false. Link building cannot build up your brand single handedly because it was never an independent strategy. If you want your link building strategy work for you, you have to integrate it with your other strategies.

Link building is still the most important factor responsible for your ranking. But you have to build links to your site insightfully. Focus on quality and be user-centric; you will succeed.


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