5 Types of Content you would Use in Future Marketing

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CONTENT has always been the building block of SEO. No SEO would ever succeed or even exist without content. From mere keyword matching to high-end topic association SEO has improved a lot. In that process content has also improvised its form from textual article to highly attractive and informative video. And the process of improvisation still continues. Let’s look at the 5 new types of content that you, as a search marketer, would be using in years to come.


According to a research conducted by Edison Research and Triton Digital last year 39 million Americans have listened to a podcast in the month of March last year. This number is growing by 25% every year in America. So, podcasts have become hot again, and more and more people are engaging in listening to these audio content. This is what tells brands to rest on podcasting once again and create as much beautiful audio content for their consumers as they could prior to their competitors.

Nanobot-delivered Content

Entrepreneur says that the U.S. military has the technology to inject ultra-miniaturized robots (aka nanobots) into the human body and control those nanobots inside the body to send and receive messages. The same concept is thought to be implemented by future marketers to their target audience by sending signals in the form of sound, images etc. wirelessly.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR technology transports users to a different, real or imagined, place. The user can view the VR content through a Head Mounted Device (HMD) called the Oculus Rift. The content is made through 360 video capture or CGI production.

For marketers VR technology is the next-gen way to produce content and engage their audience. It may be imagined, but it’s no less than a real-time experience for the users. You can take them to virtual world and completely immerse into your product, event and store, where they feel as if they were actually experiencing it.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR superimposes virtual elements onto our physical surroundings, which, in turn, gives a sense of virtual reality. Thanks to the recent developments in this technology, users can now have access to AR through their smartphones. One of the best examples of AR implementation is virtual clothing where you can have a try without going to the store.

If created the right way, AR content would transfix the users with its immersive and most realistic experience.


Livestreaming is the process of broadcasting your event live. It helps you reach your audience and connect with them live. This is surely one of the most exciting and newest ways to represent your products and/or services to your audience. Content marketers would have to think about this new way of showcasing their content and how to utilize it to their greatest advantage.

These are our top 5 chosen content marketing ways of the future. What are yours? Please feel free to share those with us and the world by dropping comments below.


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