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When doing Search Engine Optimization for your website, several malpractices can make Google penalize your site. This will not only rank you poorly but also make your SEO efforts futile. For instance, black hat SEO techniques such as buying links from schemes will earn you an immediate penalty. For this reason, Google has no option other than work with an Algorithm.

Igor Gamanenko, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, explains how to avoid Google penalties during link building.

Google uses an algorithm to make websites rank in order of their search queries. The two criteria Google uses are:

Relevance of the content.

This is how appropriate your site content is according to particular search queries. For instance, one may search the term “a headache”. Google may prefer to include sites with migraine medications first.

Authority of the website.

This is the measure of the mastery of your content niche, and the trust that runs you. For instance, Google may rank Amazon first for a shopping search query because of their outstanding competence in driving sales. There is domain authority, which is how the entire website ranks, and page authority which is a measure of classification a particular page.

Both authority and relevance play a crucial role in ranking your website. However, Google uses the quality and quantity of inbound links that point to the site or a page on the site.

How Linking Affects Authority.

Backlinks work on the concept of getting authority from another website. When a site links to your page, there is some authority attached to the page as well as the entire site. This is why building links on authoritative sites are best, but most difficult task.

Building links require a clever and a natural way. Too many links which are malicious can lead to a penalty. Google’s Penguin algorithm penalizes manipulative links be lowering the ranking which can be hard to correct. The good practice is letting actual people build links to your content.

Common Challenges When Earning links

1. Inconsistency.883-31

Link building is not a guarantee that individuals must link to your website. In fact, it is possible to receive many links without an extensive social media marketing. In other posts, you can receive many views and clicks on social media, but no one is clicking your website. This approach has this and many more limitations.

2. The speed of your website.

Your site as to be responsive enough not to lose a willing visitor. Depending on the bandwidth of your hosting package. Slow speed will give you lower authority. You may be forced to rely on your naturally earned visitors.

3. Authority score.

Penguin algorithm uses the authority score of your backlinks on a scale of 0-100. The quality of your backlinks matters a lot. For instance, backlinks from an authoritative website will mean more authority to your site more than backlinks from a site with less authority. This is why most bloggers result to manual linking.


The link building process should be done naturally to avoid SEO penalties. From the above tips, it is clear that you can earn quality backlinks using methods not blacklisted by Google algorithm. For instance, guest posting, build quality content or add valuable contributors to your website naturally.


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