How to Develop Website Content That Definitely Work for SEO

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How will you rate the work of writing and more specifically writing for web – easy, tough or in between? Well, as expected this question gives rise to many answers – widely varying from non-writers to writers to web-writers.

I assure you, web-writing is not that tough too. The only thing I do in my times is I just translate whatever I have in my mind into simple, understandable and useful texts. And in my eyes you can be pretty familiar to your readers this way. But at the same time don’t just leave your write-up in your readers’ hands thinking that you can mend it after their views and comments though you’re writing for them only.

Remember there’s no second chance in the competition. Your rivals will beat you at any time. And your readers will stop coming to your content again. So take care of some minors from the beginning itself. Do your basics right and go ahead to publish the post. Here we focus on those basic ways to start with.

Audiences are the Sole Deciders:

  • Whom you are writing for? Frankly, they are your important audiences. Will they read your words if these are only some rubbish texts? Surely nobody will. So before writing something, do exercise your brain well to know your readers.
  • For an example, in GlobalScriptor we post legions of useful articles for common readers. All the articles come under categories like SEO, SMO, SEM, Health Tips, Technology, Travel & Tourism and a few more. Out of which at some point we noticed that most of our visitors like the SEO related articles very much. From that point we started developing some more useful resources for our visitors. Yet we don’t ignore other stuffs.
  • So while posting new contents first identify and study your audiences and their interests. You can do it at regular time gaps.

Titles must be appealing and exciting:

  • Yes, titles are the first look of your total content. Readers just read it and decide whether to move on or to see off. There must be some key terms (terms bearing readers’ interests) in the titles.
  • Most of the writers first write the whole body part. Then they decide what should be the most suitable title and write it. Few proceed in the opposite way. From my point of view the latter should be the approach. First concentrate on making a very good title to make the readers anxious. Let your titles direct the whole content body.
  • The key terms like “How to” and “Tips” happen to be the most preferable words for titles. Most searches generally start with these keywords. Yeah, follow the trend; but along with do consider some technical terms that would teach your readers about something, something that matters. So don’t forget to include some creative and happening terms in every title.

Try adding lists both in titles and body parts:

  • While doing hundreds of searches in Google in every hour I often come across titles starting with “Top 5”, “Top 10” or “20 Tips”. What do these phrases suggest? They come in the search bar because most people enter these phrases in very often. So web-pages doing SEO add these in the titles. I also include these key terms in most of my titles.
    content writing
  • These are the lists entities of events which bear most of the users’ interests.
  • For convenience let me point out all the usefulness of including lists in the contents.
  1. If “Top 10” or “15 Tips” phrases are there in the titles, then it becomes easy to follow the next body parts. So lists happen to be very handy in those cases.
  2. Lists actually make the articles fully specific and clearly understandable.
  3. Author’s task becomes easier too. He or She doesn’t have to study similar resources to gather more knowledge. So the author can utilize that time for betterment of the particular article.
  4. The whole scene turns out to be systematic, easy-to-read and interesting.
  5. Lists usually have better impact in the memory of the readers. The points are really easy to remember, aren’t they? They also feel good to comment or share individual points.
  6. The most important part is lists actually make the article more educational and informational.

A Quick Recap:

There are only few renowned writers in the Internet world who create some all-time popular deeds. Even if they don’t, whatever they write is loved by their readers blindly because readers loved their previous write-ups. But that’s not the case with all. Tons of writers are still out there who make their days and nights one to get approved by the readers.

So follow the basic steps properly and gather concrete knowledge regarding the particular topic. Just be genuine to your texts and to your audiences, know their interests, likes and dislikes. And go for translating your thinking into some real and meaningful texts in any text editor. Keep reading and writing. That’s the way you can do better with time.


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