Link Building & Content Marketing: Two Sides of the Same Coin

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Since the late 1990’s search engines have been determining the popularity and trustworthiness of websites based on the number and quality of LINKs to those websites. The more the authoritative links, the better the ranks. So, effective Link Building has always been one of the greatest ways of getting a website popular and ranked higher.

Content Marketing, although sounds like a different mechanism rhetorically, too aims at making a website get found on search engines. Therefore, Link Building and Content Marketing are basically the two sides of the same coin both aiming to promote and popularize websites.

Now, let’s delve a little deeper and find out how both these techniques are interlinked.

Understanding Link-building as a Promotional Strategy

Link-building is letting other websites know about your website and requesting them to link to you. If your website has some real value, even highly authoritative websites would not restrict themselves from linking to you. This is how you build authoritative back-links, which is the major factor search engines consider when ranking your website. Hence, Link-building is a traditional strategy to promote websites.

Understanding Content Marketing as a Promotional Strategy

A successful and highly effective link-building requires you to reach other high-quality websites in your niche, your customers and target audiences. The more the reach, the better it is. So, you would need to tell them about your website and the value/services it provides. Here comes the importance of CONTENT. For a strong reach your website content has to be utterly relevant and appealing. Carefully create your content pieces and offer genuine value to your customers, audiences and other websites in your industry. Then market every piece of your content across different social media and other websites for a better visibility of your brand.

If done effectively and meaningfully, content marketing happens to be the most significant way of promoting your brand, so it is a great promotional strategy.

Establishing the Relationship and Reasons to Couple Both the Techniques

Both Link-building and Content Marketing are two great web promotional strategies promoting your website and helping it get found on search engines.

Link Building is requesting other websites to link to your website. What would they link to your website for? Simple – if it has something of real value and relevancy, i.e. if it has some great contents. Therefore, effective content marketing is pretty essential to earn a good number of links.

The best result is attained when both Link building and Content marketing are coupled together. Both of these techniques are beneficial for each other, i.e. a symbiotic relationship is there between these processes. Content marketing benefits Link building by providing an asset and reason to link to. Similarly, Link building aids Content marketing by making the linking websites share your content. A successful pairing of Content marketing and Link building brings the best results and keeps promoting your website optimally on a long-term basis.


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