Reinforce Your SEO & Content Marketing Campaigns for 2015 Challenges

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The entire web, today, is against Black-hat SEO techniques. These are just a handful of spammy tactics intended to bring some short-term wins in the search results. These bad tactics have been being implemented by the industry’s bad guys since SEO’s birth. But now, enough is enough. With lots of quick updates in the ranking algorithm Google’s made its intentions clear that it’s going to become much stricter to flag those bad or spammy techniques now.

It has a clear indication: “Offer the best user experience; Google will reward you. If not, it will penalize.”

However, there are quite a lot of websites that don’t involve any black-hat techniques intentionally, yet get penalized by each of the updates. Reason – they either misunderstand what Google recommends and commit the mistakes unknowingly or don’t understand those recommendations at all. Whatever, they get flagged down each time.

If you have been affected by any of the Google updates ever, and don’t want to repeat it in 2015, here are a few useful ways to help build up your SEO strategy for the possible challenges in 2015. Let’s get started.

First understand, then implement

There are a number of instances website owners employ certain techniques they are not fully sure about. They do it with the hope of an improved rank, but that worsens their rank over time. The reason is ‘lack of research’ about the outcome of the process. So, what to do? Simple – If the new technique (s) falls under Google’s recommendations or doesn’t at least violate its guidelines, implement it. Keep your research on until and even after its outcome is reached.

Get up-to-the-minute

This is kind of ‘must-do’ thing if you are into online business (having said, nearly every business is being considered ‘online business’ today). Have someone in your agency/team who will keep track of all those updates by Google and share the news with the entire workforce. This way you can stay up to date on what’s trending in the SEO industry. And Google’s Webmaster Central Blog is one of the best resources to help you with this. This blog is not updated daily, but it will provide you with everything they update.

Develop Content that Rock

Work toward complete relevancy. Develop relevant content that offer great value to your users beyond their imagination. Remember great content market themselves. So, if you put efforts into developing high quality content, you don’t have to invest much in your marketing. And about marketing, make sure your marketing team does it quite efficiently and meaningfully. 2015 is going to be the year of great content marketing and probably Link Earning rather than link building. Wondering what link earning actually is? Simple, it is the legit side of link building. So, the number back-links you’ve gotten legitimately naturally is the number of links you’ve earned.

Satisfy your users, not the search engines

That’s the bottom-line: You should do, whatever you do, only for the human visitors not for web crawlers or Google bots. As long as you are on the web, try to offer value and usefulness primarily to your users because that’s how you get popular, and Google entertains your popularity.

Google itself wants to protect its place as the #1 search engine, so it wants to bring the best quality search to its users. And, you cannot fool Googlers!


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