SEO in 2015: 5 Expert Predictions & 5 Survival Tips

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For those who are into SEARCH industry, but do not take SEO as seriously as search engines want them to, 2015 is surely going to be very tough. And those who believe in creating a sustainable SEO plan will most probably move on a safer path.

Here are a few Expert predictions and SEO survival tips for 2015 for all search professionals. Let’s take a look.

Prediction-1: Content Marketing will continue to Rise

Content is, and will be the core of SEO. To secure its own slot Google is always trying to bring the best possible user experience. Therefore, you need to believe that your visibility would improve based on the quality of user experience your website’s able to create. This means easy navigation and user-friendly content will be the key.

With several updates in the ranking algorithms Google’s becoming more stringent over time. A few updates or refreshes are also expected to come in 2015, all of which will focus on the best user experience, and hence the best website content.

Tip-1: Create Relevant and High-quality Content

High quality content means Rewards from Google, means Boost in your Traffic, which means Growth of your Business. This is why ‘great content’ is ‘gold’.

Talking about keywords it’s necessary to use them inside the content in order to get your content ranked, but all the keywords should be contextual and conversational. Keep in mind that most of the searchers nowadays prefer entering full sentences/questions like “How do I grow my business?” rather than just entering a couple of words like “Steady Business growth” etc. in the query box.

Prediction-2: Social Media will continue to be the Hot Topic

As far as SEO is concerned, constructive and strategic link building is the key. Most of the Quality Inbound links are being earned through Social Media Engagement and Activities these days. And 2015 is not going to deny the importance of social media.

Tip-2: Get Social

Today, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are working shoulder-to-shoulder to boost your website ranking. Search engines have already incorporated social signals to their ranking algorithms, so getting popular on all social media networks should be one of your primary goals.

Prediction-3: Mobile Search will be the next Big Thing

Mobile Search is not a new thing, but with 2015 just around the corner it’s important to optimize websites for mobile devices as most experts predict that mobile searches will surpass desktop searches in the upcoming days.

Tip-3: Build a Solid Mobile SEO plan

According to search experts from around the world Mobile traffic is going to take over normal Desktop traffic, but there are quite a lot of business owners who don’t optimize their websites for mobile devices. So, it’s opportune time for you to build a solid Mobile SEO plan and win tons of customers.

Prediction-4: Search will be More Semantic

Google’s primary aim is to create the best user experience by providing more relevant results, so it’s going to make the search more semantic and advanced in the days to come. A more semantic search would be more accurate and better at understanding the contextual meaning of the search terms, which makes sure every time the searcher would get the most relevant search result on the SERP (search engine result page).

Tip-4: Incorporate Context into your Search Marketing

Context will be King, so create content and put keywords in a way such that it would hit the search contextually, not purposely. Did you get that? You should NOT try only to get your content ranked, but provide TRUE RELEVANCY to the users. Incorporate context into your search marketing strategy and help yourself understand the contextual meaning of all search terms more accurately.

Remember “a Semantic Search would show contextual content pieces atop and push keyword-stuffed ones to the bottom or next pages”.

Prediction-5: Email Marketing will survive

Emails will remain as one of the main media to contact and communicate with potential customers. However, it’s the fact that only quality and personalized marketing emails will be effective, others will be ignored.

Tip-5: Get Personalized

Your audiences would always want you to talk in their own language/pitch. You should be able to make them understand how your products/services are going to help them. This is why you need to be as much personalized and specific with your email content as you can. Help your target audience get the MESSAGE.

You have any relevant predictions or survival tips for SEO in the upcoming year? Please, mention them in the comments, we will appreciate your effort.


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