4 Recent Google-Steps That Could Popularize Google+

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In terms of popularity and number of daily users Google+ is still way behind Facebook and Twitter. However, Google has always been users’ favorite due to its immensely valuable products available for free. Who will deny the huge popularity and fan-following of Orkut (the only popular social media network once) a few years back before Google decided to withdraw it?

Anyways, here are 4 important steps Google’s recently taken that could help popularize and promote its own product ‘Google+’.

Google Glass Made Public

Needless to mention why Google+ is heavily integrated with Google Glass. It’s simply to enhance the use and popularity of Google+. Have you ever worn the amazing Google Glass? It’s truly a fantastic experience using the Glass to share content with your Google+ contacts. You can also use Facebook and Twitter, but using Google+ with the Glass gives you the easiest and coolest experience.

Google’s released the Explorer Edition of the Glass which is available on Google Play, Google’s digital marketplace. If the Glass can continue to gain in popularity, it can surely boost Google+ with new users and a very high rate of engagement.

Removal of Naming Restrictions

Three years ago when Google+ took birth, it had very tight naming restrictions, i.e. every user had to use their real name on their account. With this idea on mind Google thought to have a network with everyone’s true identity, but it went wrong since most users did not like it. Therefore, Google had to withdraw strict naming restrictions on Google+ accounts in summer 2014. This might work in favor of Google+.

Sensible Product Integrations

Users did not like the way Google was forcing various product integrations earlier on. Just a few months back, Google has rightly understood this and decided to bring certain modifications to its integration strategy. Now, Google is allowing users to import and/or export content between Google+ and other Google products rather than forcing them to create Google+ accounts of their standalone products like YouTube. This could help benefit Google+

Acquisition of Polar

Polar is a clean and easy-to-use mobile app that allows its users to share their opinions by voting on Polar Poll. As per a post by ReCode on September 11, 2014 the entire team of Polar is acquired by Google to work on mobile design for Google+. This is an important step to popularize and promote Google+. The plan might just work.

These are four of the important steps Google’s recently taken to promote Google+. The idea is great, results will likely be seen in 2015.


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