6 Stages Connecting Social Media with Businesses

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Every business understands that online activities and association with online communities are vitally important these days. If your business fails to involve some active online users, it’s said to be going down.

Although the benefits of active online participation are pretty transparent still businesses, at some point, lack something. That’s why they can’t make the most out of it. Reasons are many like (i) poor strategies, (ii) lack of experience and expertise (iii) bad dealing and customers’ dissatisfaction etc.

Out of all online activities Social Media association seems to be most fruitful for businesses of all types. This is why companies build strong and feasible strategies to get the most of social media. Here we’ve devised six simple stages how to incorporate social media to your marketing strategies.


  • Before trying something a proper planning is definitely needed. Put all your effort in building a strong plan. If needed, hire some genius brains from outside who will guide your think-tank. This way your strategy planners can get some knowledge and experience as well.
  • Check out whether your products are completely ready or not. By doing this you can at least be confident of implementing few. Be brave to back yourself if anything goes slightly wrong. But allow yourself sufficient time before going live with your plan.

Early Actions for Trial.

  • Here the goal is to taking your plans to actions. Be watchful of which part of your plan works well and which doesn’t.
  • Some bad results will allow you to mature. So say cheers to your early success go mending the parts that didn’t fit to the progress path.

Building Relationship.

  • If majority of your plan succeeds to satisfy some users, know that you have played a good game as an entrant. Make the relation with those users stronger by providing them some prize money, gift vouchers or some discounts.
  • In return be gentle to know their opinions about your product or services. Ask them skilfully to recommend your product to their friends and relatives.

 Engaging more firmly.

  • It’s time to go viral. Once you reach some more audience do repeat what you did to the first few customers. But here put your effort more on the quality of your products than services than prizes and gifts.
  • Go for producing more quality products enhancing more features. When people like your products your business gets promoted with less effort.

Making your business fully social.

  • Now it’s time to spread all your wings. At this stage all your social media initiatives get sufficient exposures. Plus you get fully mature of your strategies and progress.
  • The real impact of social media involvement is really felt here. You come to know that it’s impossible to go steady without the online audience. So involve more and more in social communities to strengthen your brand.

Now time for Social Business.

  • While all previous stages aim to make your business socially stand-out this now the time is to fully converge.
  • Your business sees many ways to get more customers, more sales and more profits. Keep promoting your business through advanced products to retain its branding value on.


So where are you? Match your strategies with any of the stage and know your status. Hope you find it helpful to proceed with your business. Still there are lots of other marketing tactics developing day by day. It’s suggested to keep track of those for the holistic promotion of your company. Keep researching.


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