7 Useful Social Media Engagement Tips for All Copywriters

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Why is it that some posts on social media get the most limelight, while others fail? It’s about how the copies are created. The ones that suck and fail to engage visitors, understandably, lack the perfect THOUGHT somewhere in their creation. So, how your copies are written or designed is going to decide if they would flourish.

Here are 7 useful copywriting tips to boost your social media engagement. Have a look, and try to implement them right from your next post on.

  1. Describe the Benefit More than the Feature

Of course the benefit comes first, so on your copy you need to provide your audience with the knowledge on the benefit of your product more than its feature.

For example, say, you are going to introduce a new USB flash drive of more storage space to your audience. Would you describe it by saying – “Brand new USB flash drive, more space, less cost, 1,000 write/erase cycles, 10-year shelf storage time, bla-bla-bla…”? No, that won’t work.

Something like: “Super-easy, Super-fast  ***GB USB flash drive – Now with the space of your Computer Hard Disk drive ” or “No Need to carry an External Hard Disk drive, this USB flash drive would do it all” would probably make more sense.

  1. Follow the PAS Formula

PAS – Problem, Agitate and Solution. The PAS formula, as researched and told by CopyBlogger, works great to keep your audience engaged. First, discover the problem, next put them deeper into it, and then solve it with some effective tips or your products/services. This works amazingly great, but you need to stay focused and insightful when applying the PAS formula.

  1. Have Your USP

USP – ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ meaning your stand-out characteristic. Your USP tells why you are different from your competitors and why the audience should be YOUR customers, not your competitors’.

  1. Use Strong and Titillating Action Words

Just like any article the copy should also be clear, concise and understandable. But, unlike the article, your advertising copy does not give you the freedom of words. Therefore, you should choose strong words that would create more engagement. Action verbs play a significant role too, so choose them as correctly and accurately as you can.

Also, play a bit with your copies to make them more interesting. You can provide half of the message on the post in order to catch the eyes and the brain of the visitors, and provide the rest half after they click on it.

For example, something like: “We bet, you’ve never seen a video like this before. Click to See” with a cool design would make the post eye-enticing, so the user would naturally click to see the video. Well, it may not be the best of the examples, but it clearly conveys the idea.

  1. Use Clear ‘Call-to-Action’ Phrases

Since the aim is to make your audience visit your website, or comment on your post, or share it, perfect call-to-action phrases are a must to engage them.

  1. Speak to Your Audience Directly

Whenever you are writing an advertising copy to introduce a product/service to your target audience, use direct words. Make them feel that you’re talking to them directly.

An example could be like: “I’m sure, you’re searching for these 5 questions/answers now”. This is a general kind of action-oriented copy. A more specific example could be like: “If you’re a web designer, these 5 tools will boost all your design pieces”. Anyhow make your audience feel that you’ve rightly identified their problems, and they should click the ad for a perfect solution.

  1. Emphasize the Urgency of the Post

“Stop all your work and read this post right now”. How does this sentence sound? It’s a good piece of ad copy that emphasizes the urgency of the post. This will surely interest and engage human visitors. Just like the action-oriented ad banner the entire post must have to be true and extremely valuable too; otherwise visitors will soon leave your post away.

These are some of the deeply researched tips to make your advertising copies more engaging and accurate. Implement them every time you write a copy for a post, and share your results.

Also, please feel free to share more tips in the comments if you’ve some.


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