9 Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid

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As per a recent study conducted by Social Media Examiner, 92% of marketers have accepted that Social Media is important for their businesses, which was 86% in 2013. However, not all of them have been able to leverage Social Media fully. In fact, many of them show the tendency of committing some of the most common mistakes, which is why they fail to make the most of Social Media.

Here are 9 of them.

  1. Not Having a Well-planned Strategy

You have been taught to spread your voice on social media for a boost in your brand reputation does not mean that you would post tons of blog posts and share them blindly on each of the social media networks. Instead, you need to have a well-planned marketing strategy and go according to it.

A clear and goal-oriented social media marketing strategy needs you to:

  • Know and research your target audience and perform just according to what they want.
  • Use the same social networks as your audience/potential customers
  • Develop a Content Marketing Calendar and post Relevant Content.
  • Analyze and Reanalyze your strategy on a constant basis.
  1. Not Posting Useful and Engaging Content Regularly

Remember, millions and millions of people are purchasing products online. They don’t care whether it’s your product page or someone else’s. It’s you who needs to compel your audience and make them buy your products. Therefore, post content regularly and offer value/relevancy in each piece of content so that your customers won’t leave you.

  1. Considering Quantity of Social Media Followers, not Their Quality

It’s better to be able to drive just 100 visitors a day out of which 90 people buy your products/services than 500 visitors who show no interests in your products/services. So, it’s not about the number of people landing on your page, but how many of them actually become your customers.

  1. Failing to Convert Followers into Customers

You must know that very few people see ads on social media and take the next step to buy the products and/or services. Majority of them skip ads. Hence, you have to create compelling posts every time even for ads. This way you can boost your conversion rate, which matters for your business.

  1. Spamming Your Customers

Spamming your customers/followers means using the sales pitch every time you interact with them. If you post lots of updates and all of them are only about selling your products, you would more likely lose most of your followers. So, it’s great to create a mix of posts that would answer certain questions and provide useful information to your followers, and also market your products/services.

  1. Not Having a Unique Brand Voice

To build trust and influence for a longer period of time you need to have a unique and distinctive brand voice. Make sure all of the updates you post communicate in the same voice. Maintain consistency and cohesiveness about your brand voice.

  1. Having Too Many Social Media Channels

It makes no sense if you have created accounts on all social media platforms, but hardly spend any quality time to keep all of them updated with regular posts. It leads to a negative impression when people visit your social media pages, but don’t find any latest updates on them. So, create as many social media channels as you can effectively manage.

  1. Publishing the Same Content across All of Your Channels

Having the same post over and over again on all of your social media channels is Content Duplication, which leads to penalties. The best way to get your fans/followers/potential or repeat customers engaged is by providing them with fresh news, information and tips & tricks. Make sure you have different posts across different social media channels, and all of them are extremely useful for your users.


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