Nokia 6 – The Ultimate Smartphone that is designed to perform Time and Again!

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]If you are looking for the ultimate smartphone, then Nokia 6 can be your last choice! This handheld device comes with an array of advanced features like 5.5 inch full HD display, 8 Mp front camera, 16 Mp back camera, fingerprint sensor, dual speakers, octa core processor and more. All these advanced features are what making Nokia 6 the best smartphone announced for the market ever! It’s 23rd Aug when this smartphone will be launched in India. As the launch date is coming closer, you need to make a quick assessment about this smartphone. You cannot simply restrict yourself from buying this smartphone! It is designed to deliver and last long.

The striking clean look and the smooth metallic exterior finish are surely going to draw your attention at the first instance. It comes in three different colors. The time has come to check Nokia 6 with its actual elements.  In order to determine the same let’s make a comparison between Nokia 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 which was already announced for the market and doing great. This smartphone is also designed to deliver and comes with a wide range of advanced features that can allure potential buyers instantly.

Samsung Galaxy S8 first look

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Galaxy S8: Buy from

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a revolutionary design. As per the manufacturer, people who are looking for only pure content should go for this one. There is hardly any bezel you can find with such a smartphone. In the Galaxy series, the S8 has got the biggest as well as immersive screen. Using it in your hand and using it always easy.


The design for Samsung Galaxy S8 really eliminated all the boundaries. Infinity display assigned for it has allowed users to take advantage of an end-to-end screen. The screen of this smartphone offers an absolutely smooth and continuous surface which is having no angles and bumps. All these arrangements are incorporated for the aluminum shell in a very precise manner.


The 12MP dual pixel sensor camera assigned for this smartphone is designed for every moment. Whether you are using it in the day light or during the party night, you can always expect for crystal clear and crisp images. It is also equipped with the 8Mp front camera that is accurate and quick enough. Due to this reason, you are surely not going to miss the moment whether its day or night.

Safety features:

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with iris scanning like feature. These irises are equipped with unique patterns and it is almost impossible to replicate them. It means the content you see in your phone and the phone itself will remain open for your eyes only. And while thinking to unlock it quickly, face recognition like feature added for the phone can come in very handy. This smartphone is run by the 10nm processor which is considered as the fastest one on this earth. This also makes the smartphone very fast, powerful as well as increases its battery efficiency. You can work with your phone even when there is dust or rain. It also comes with the external storage option so you are never going to run out of the storage capacity.

Nokia 6 smartphone

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Nokia 6 : Buy from

Nokia 6’s features:

On the other hand the Nokia 6 smartphone is designed with an objective to offer the users a prolong use. Every Nokia 6 smartphone takes near about 55 minutes to be crafted out from the solid metal block. It’s the milled and precision aluminum body that makes such phone a lightweight and durable one as well. It also comes with the Corning Gorilla Glass. So, it is scratch proof and can last very long.

Buyers who are looking for immersive entertainment should go for the Nokia 6. A dedicated amplifier is assigned for the dual speakers so that true bass and soothing sound can be produced for the user. This arrangement is also certified by the Dolby Atmos Sound.

It’s the full HD display of 5.5 inches allows the users to see the content clearly even under the daylight. This smartphone comes with wide viewing angles and full color reproduction.

There is a wide range of advanced features assigned for Nokia 6. It comes with the Android Nougat and there are absolutely no unwanted extras. Users can access full range of Google’s services while using this smartphone. These make the whole unit more versatile in nature as well.

Due to the constant updates, your phone is going to remain safe and you will find a hassle free use of the smartphone every time you use it for your personal purpose. If you have always wanted a smartphone that use to remain always on top of the features, then Nokia 6 is the right choice for you.

It comes with the rear camera that is of 16mp. With such an advanced camera, you can really capture those precious moments without any hesitation. Whether you are at a party or at an outside location, taking pictures with your Nokia 6 smartphone can be a real fun for you. This camera is also equipped with advanced features like phase detection technology and dual tone flash that can deliver natural images even during the daylight.

When you buy Nokia 6 from, you will get 4 offers from Amazon Prime, Kindle, Make My Trip, and Vodafone.

Amazon Prime:

This offer is for Amazon Prime members who are using Amazon Pay Balance. As per this offer you can get INR 500 or INR 1000 cash back offer.


This promotional offer is announced by Amazon Asia Pacific Holdings Private Limited. As per this offer, customers who buy Nokia 6 smartphone through during 23rd Aug, 2017 to 31st January, 2018 can get 80% off on the Kindle price of e-books up to maximum of INR 300 as promotion credit.

Make My Trip:

Make my Trip India PVT LTD has announced this offer and the benefits are directly provided by the same brand. As per this offer, buyers who purchase Nokia 6 through during 23rd Aug, 2017 to 31st Aug, 2017 can receive MMT Code. This code can be redeemed on Make My Trip website, or Make My Trip Android and iOS mobile app or mobile site.


As per this offer, you can purchase 1 GB or more than 4G data pack and you will get 9 GB additional free 4G data for maximum of 5 recharges. It also comes with the validity of maximum 5 months from Vodafone. This offer is available on just any Amazon exclusive handset that buyers purchase during 11th May, 2017 to 31st Aug, 2017.


It’s Nokia 6 that comes with three different vibrant colors like Silver, Tampered Blue and Matte Black. It comes with an internal memory of 32 GB and a 3GB RAM. So, you can always expect for optimum speed while using this smartphone for different purposes.


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